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We supply recycled wildflower seed packets for corporate giveaways, promotional gifts, weddings, conferences, exhibitions, charities and events.  You will not have your seeds packed inside their packets in the foil sachets the majority of the seed industry use, ours are packed into paper sachets – more time-consuming and labour-intensive than machine-packed foil sachets, but much better for the planet!  Foil sachets can’t be recycled because they have a layer of plastic inside them which is melted to seal the seed sachet.  Please see our plastic policy for further info.

It’s no surprise that a business’s environmental credentials are becoming increasingly important. Not just in their appeal to the growing number of environmentally-conscious customers, but in the active role they can play to reduce wasteful consumerism.

How to create a wildlife garden


While conferences, events, giveaways and promotional merchandise are an important part of a business’s marketing strategy, they can – at times – contribute to a throwaway culture and the growing problem of products that can’t be recycled.  Our seed products are a perfect eco-friendly alternative solution to plastic pens and keyrings!

Although we are small business dedicated to doing what we can to help provide a beautiful and ethical solution to some of these issues, we have big ambitions – we want to do everything we can to help our beautiful planet and help others encourage the same aim with the promotional products bought from us.

With seeds as well, we try to be as nice to nature as we can – our wildflower seeds are only UK species and the seeds are grown in the UK without pesticides.  That way our insect populations are presented with the flowers they need to survive, which are seriously declining in the wild.  For example, the rare Duke of Burgundy butterfly will only deal with Wild Primroses – no Wild Primroses, no Duke of Burgundy butterfly.

The recycled materials and seeds available within our corporate giveaways and promotional gifts all contribute towards providing British wildflowers for the butterflies, bees and other insects that depend on them for their survival.  We do supply other seeds as well, we are not obsessed with just wildflower seeds!  Please do ask.



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