6 Eco-friendly Packaging Tips for Your Business

In today’s world of concern for the environment it is essential that companies bare their green credentials.  Customers are becoming more savvy when it comes to excess packaging – less is definitely more!  It pays to show your customers that you are a caring company and are doing all you can to help the environment – this trickles down through your business right down to the final step of packaging the product for delivery.

We have suggested 6 eco-friendly packaging tips below.  Once you get into the swing of thinking in an eco-friendly way with your packaging you may find other ways to be greener too!

6 eco-friendly packaging tips

The main idea is to recycle everything!  Keep boxes you received stock in and re-use them for sending out your own orders.  Anything papery – use recycled, or, at the very least, FSC certified paper/boxes.  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)  system allows consumers to identify, buy and use wood, paper and other forest products produced from forests that are managed well and/or recycled materials, thereby helping to save forests and keep them growing for future generation.

Sometimes it is not possible to find what you are after that has the FSC certification or chain of custody (where every step of the manufacturing process is recorded) but if you do what you can to recycle and reduce waste, then you will get a nice fuzzy warm feeling knowing you are doing your bit for the environment!

Written by Teresa Sinclair

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