Climate Change and Bumblebees

We all know that we are enduring a change in the Earth’s climate and we all know that bees are in decline, yet it is a more sombering situation than thought for bumblebees.

Although bumblebees do not make honey, they are important pollinators. Yet populations are declining – for example, bumblebee numbers in Europe have declined by 17% during two periods studied:1901 – 1974 and 2000 – 2014. 17% may not sound a lot but when you consider this figure along with all the other crises worldwide with regard to general insect decline, planet temperature, extinctions and so on, this figure is alarming.

This article by Sustainability Times, elaborates on the findings –

There is even more reason, therefore, to help our bumblebees by growing the flowers they can feed on and creating habitats for them to thrive in.

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