Customer Spotlight – Plastic-free Party Bags

In today’s highly anti-plastic culture, we thought we would spotlight one of our customers who had some of our seed packets – Plastic-free Party Bags.  Set up by Emmeline Hundleby in June 2018, who was tired of the tat in kid’s party bags that always ended up in the bin.  Being vegan and environmentally-conscious (like us!), this mum from South Croydon was fed up with the polluting plastic doled out to kids at parties and so decided to create her own plastic-free, gender-neutral vegan party bags and gifts.  And thus was born!

We love the idea of instilling an ethical lifestyle on children from a young age – after all, they are the future guardians of our planet.  Emmeline’s party bags  also introduce the idea of fair trade to children – for example, the bags are made from recycled newspapers and help employ around 80
employees in India. The profits go into helping New Delhi street children afford healthcare,
education, counselling or a return home.

Products in the bag include Fairtrade twig pencils from Thailand, wild flower seeds for the
bees from the UK (from Wildflower Promotions!), bamboo bird whistles from Java and toys stuffed with kapok.
Emmeline says: “Our bags are about having fun but doing it kindly and consciously – kind to
the earth, kind to the animals and kind to the people that make them. There is no single-use
plastic at all in our bags; everything is reusable, recyclable and, where applicable, Fairtrade
and supportive of charities and NGOs that create the products. Even our stickers are fully

Emmeline approached us with her idea for seed packets to add to the party bags – a great idea to get children interested in nature and in preserving the environment and the creatures that share it with us.  The seed packets we supplied are recycled and contain only British-grown British wildflower species – Lesser Knapweed, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Selfheal and Field Scabious.  They are non-toxic and perfect for children to sow.  They also germinate well so the kids won’t get bored waiting to see the result of their sowing!

The idea for the business came when Emmeline’s daughter brought home another party bag
filled with plastic toys and sweets. “We knew they would last a day at best before ending up in
the bin. Even though the bags are a generous gesture, the items inside are damaging the
planet, and it’s her generation that are going to pay the price for our throwaway culture.”’s products are all plant-based, making them inclusive for all –
suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with dairy allergies, or children who refuse animal
products for religious reasons.

For samples and further information,
contact Emmeline Hundleby on or call 07834 364426.


Written by Teresa Sinclair

Wildflower Promotions

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