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Mollie Plantlife London marathon

We were approached by a lovely lady called Mollie, who is running a marathon to raise funds for the wildflower charity Plantlife.  Mollie is an American who lives in East London with her British husband and adopted 13 year old Staffie mix.  We were keen to be involved in her project as we fully support the great work Plantlife do to help preserve our country’s amazing wildflowers.

She has always been an advocate of the environment and loves being outdoors.  She has chosen to join Plantlife’s London Marathon team for the April 2017 race.  With the help of our sister website Wildflower Favours, she has committed to raising £1000 by 23 April 2017.

‘London will be my 5th marathon, but it is still a tough distance to run,’ says Mollie.  ‘I look forward to running the streets of London and feeding off the energy of the crowd.  Usually, I am the one on the sidelines for this race, so it will amazing to be on the other side of the fence.’

Mollie Plantlife London marathon

Mollie Plantlife London marathon

Training for the race starts in early Janaury, but Mollie has already started her fundraising.  Not only will she be selling custom seed packets from our site,

Plantlife marathon fundraising seed packets

but she is also selling 2017 calendars, holding an online raffle, and holding 2 wellness events in London, which will incorporate yoga, running, and goal setting into a fun afternoon with a fabulous goody bag.  The seed packets are printed on recycled paper and the seeds inside are all British-grown British wildflower species – all great for our native butterflies and bees!  The boxes of seeds are also recycled and contain a sachet of the same wildflower seeds – they make great gifts or a nice little ttreat for someone!

Mollie Plantlife London marathon

Stay up-to-date with Mollie’s fundraising efforts on her donation page or her blog (


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