We have planted and successfully grown the eco-friendly plantable seeded paper we supply, so we have every confidence that, if looked after correctly, it will germinate!

The following procedure is the one we have followed to achieve success, and planting instructions will also be supplied with orders:

Seed paper planting instructions

1)  Fill a pot with compost (preferably peat-free!) and place a piece of seeded paper on top.

If you wish you can moisten it first, although this isn’t really necessary. However, if you are using our thick seed paper with British wildflower seeds and petals, then a bit of a soak beforehand will be useful.

2)  Give the paper a good soak!

3)  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate. IT IS VITAL NOT TO LET THE PAPER DRY OUT! However, do not overwater, just keep the compost slightly moist.

To save having t water so often, you could cover the pot with clingfilm, but remove it once the seedlings appear

4)  Then you can grow on the seedlings and transfer them to a bigger pot, or the garden once big enough to handle without damaging them.

We do not recommend planting the paper directly into the garden soil as there is the risk of slugs, snails and mice eating the seeds or seedlings!