We can design the artwork for your event or promotion.  Ben is our very talented in-house designer.   So if you would like him to design your seed packet or seed paper order, please do email for a quote.  Prices start from £40 + VAT for a seed packet design, but Ben can also design invitations, menus, one-off digital paintings etc. Please make your design specification as detailed as possible and then Ben can quote for the work (please note that a design with a fully-inked background is not possible unless a digital painting).

Ben earnt a scholarship at the Royal Society of British Artists and has exhibited in the Mall Galleries twice in London.  He has also designed a number of seed packets for the wedding side of our business as well.  He has recently teamed up with The Rare Playing Card Company in America and produced the Gaia deck of cards which have been selliing successfully worlwide, along with posters of the cards.  Examples of his work can also be found on his Instagram page.  Ben also designed the infographics on our seed planting page.