Seed for Bees Seed PacketsPromotional seed packets are an excellent way to get your eco credentials across to your customers and clients. Not only are they printed with your logo and branding, but also contain wildflower seeds to emphasise your commitment to helping the environment and the native flora and fauna of the British Isles.

We can print seed packets for any purpose and for any amount up to around 50,000 packets (no minimum order required).  Please contact us for a quote.

Your design will be printed on recycled seed packets measuring 9 x 12 cm.  We have these in a variety of colours – traditional and rustic manilla, ivory, red, white, pale lilac, pale sage green and sky blue.

You have the option to have your promotional seed packets just printed, or printed and containing seeds. We use only British-grown wildflower seeds of native British species. The species we have chosen are all excellent nectar plants for butterflies, bees and moths and are easy to grow.

We can also supply your own seed choices if none of these appeal, including vegetable or herb seeds – just let us know! If you have come across us whilst looking for seed packets for your wedding, please visit our dedicated wedding website for our seed packet wedding favours – Wildflower Favours

With regards to design, you can email us your own design or we can create a simple design with your logo and text free of charge.  We do have an in-house designer, so if you wish us to create you something from scratch we can do so – prices start at £60 + VAT, depending on how elaborate the design is that your require!

Our Seeds Range

These are seeds we always have in stock and are very popular:

    • Wildflower Seeds for Bees – Field Scabious, Lesser Knapweed, Birds Foot Trefoil and Selfheal
    • Wildflower Seeds for Butterflies – Lesser Knapweed, Field Scabious, Birds Foot Trefoil and Selfheal
    • Wildflower Cornfield Mix – Cornflower, Poppy, Corn Chamomile and Corn Marigold
    • Individual Wildflower Seed Species – Poppy seeds, Cornflower, Ox-eye Daisy, Wild Field Forget-me-not, Cornflower – or species of your choice
    • Lavender,
    • Sweet Pea (dwarf mixed colours)
    • Sunflower
    • Chilli – Jalapeno variety
    • Thyme
    • Shamrock
    • Basil

However, you are not restricted to the seeds above, if you wish to have different seeds then we are happy to oblige!

Seed Packet Examples



Please email us with your requirements and we can then provide you with a quote as seed packet prices vary according to quantity –  If you wish us to design your packet, please also provide some information on that so we can give you an accurate quote for the design work.

If you are creating your own design, here is the design spec:

  • Please ensure the document measures 9 x 12 cm with no trim marks or bleed
  • Please allow a blank area on the back of at least 3.5 cm to allow for the flap, which cannot be printed on
  • Please avoid large areas of colour
  • If you submit just a design for the front and make no mention of the back, we will only print the front of the packet
  • Please PROOF-READ your design!  We will assume your design is print-ready and will print what you send us!


Please also email us if you have any other queries!



How to order Seed Packets

Initially, please email your requirements and we can then provide you with an accurate quote.

Your design needs to be to the exact size of the seed packets – 9 x 12 cm, as a PDF or Word document.

When designing the back of the packet, please keep 4 cm blank at the top of the design to allow for the flap as we cannot print on that.

Please note, we are not graphic designers and do not have design software to create seed packets or make changes to designs submitted.

How Long Will my Order Take?

This really does depend entirely upon quantity and how busy we are when you order!  An order for, say, 1000 packets, could be done within a week in ideal conditions; and order for 10,000 could take 4 weeks.  Please mention any deadline when you make your initial enquiry and we will be able to provide a good idea of how long your order will take.

How to plant Seeds