Seed paperWe have a variety of eco-friendly plantable (and printable) seed paper for business promotions, invitations etc that not only look beautiful, but also will help promote your business as an environmentally-conscious organisation.

We work with large charities and businesses, as well as small brands and entrepreneurs who are looking to contribute to the proliferation of nectar-rich flowers that are so important for the survival of bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and other insects.

Our recycled plantable seed papers really do germinate if planted (and looked after properly!) and you can order as much or as little as you like – no minimum order!  These papers contain different seeds and some can be printed on. If printing the paper yourself, please be aware that seed paper can damage some printers (for which we can accept no responsibility!). Do not print on laser or other printers that get hot as this will damage the seeds and so affect the germination rate. It is also not possible to print this paper on lithos.  Letterpress printing is fine but bear in mind the seeds will be squashed in places!  Please do contact us for further information, we are happy to help and advise!  Please note that we do not offer a printing service but can advise that a desktop inkjet with a rear paper feed that can take card up to 300 gsm may well work.  We have printed on Canon inkjets in the past that fit that criteria.

Seed paper is also great because it is biodegradable and so does not impact adversely on the planet.  All of the papers are perfect for cutting shapes from.  The germination times are provided as a guideline as germinating conditions will be dependent on warmth, light and watering.

How to Plant Seed Paper

Seed paper planting instructions

Current Seed Papers In Stock

White, Mixed Flowers

Seed cardWhite seed paper with the following seeds – Catchfly, Daisy, Poppy, Black-eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon and Sweet Alyssum.  The front is almost smooth, the reverse has a very fine mesh pattern so text printed on the back will not be as sharp as on the front.  But, as you can see, it prints beautifully!  This paper takes around 2 – 3 weeks to germinate (if cared for properly).


Paper weight – approximately 180gsm.

If you will be printing yourself, you want as little ink as possible in order to leave as many seeds as possible without ink, as the ink could potentially affect the germination of those seeds it soaks into.

Easy to sow – simply place the paper (or can be torn into smaller pieces) on top of a pot of compost and water well.  Place it somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep it moist.

Seed paper germinating

White Seed Paper with Forget-me-not Seeds

Forget-me-not seed paperForget-me-not seed paper – this is a thick paper made from 70% cotton and 30% recycled paper.  Forget-me-not seeds are scattered liberally throughout.  This paper has been made especially for us so you won’t find it elsewhere!

This seed paper does tend to shed a few seeds (but still leaving loads in the paper!) so printing on it is not recommended.  Takes about 3 weeks to start germinating (if cared for properly).

Weight – around 250 – 300 gsm, can vary.  Some sheets may have deckled edges, some may be smooth and straight.

To plant -first of all run the paper under the tap briefly to give it a good soak, and then place the paper on top of a pot of compost (tear into smaller pieces for more pots if necessary) and give it a really good water.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep the paper very moist at all times.


Forget-me-not seed paper germinating

White Meadow Seed Paper

Meadow seed paperThis is another paper made expecially for us, so not available elsewhere.  We supplied the seeds to the paper manufacturer to ensure that they are only British species, grown in the UK.  The paper contains a very generous scattering of meadow wildflowers and meadow grasses.  Also scattered throughout are pieces of grass.  The paper is made from 70% cotton and 30% recycled paper.  Takes about 2 – 3 weeks to start germinating (if looked after properly).

When planting the paper in its pot, give it a really good soak under the tap to help it on its way to germination.  Same planting instructions as for all the papers – and do not let the paper dry out!


Meadow seed paper germinating


White Poppy Seed Paper with Petals

Poppy seed paperThis is the third seed paper we supply that has been made specially for us, with wild poppy seeds supplied by ourselves, grown in the UK.  The thick paper is made from 70% cotton and 30% recycled paper.  It is densely scattered with poppy seeds and small colourful petals here and there.  Paper thickness varies but is around 300 gsm.  As with the Forget-me-not seed paper, some seeds are shed when the paper is handled so it is advisable not to print on this – but this depends on your printer and how robust it is, whether a few seeds would cause the printer damage or not!  Takes 2 – 3 weeks to germinate.

When cut to size, some  of the edges may be deckled, some smooth.  As with the other papers made especially for us, give it a short soak under the tap before planting – and keep most all the time!


Poppy seed paper germinating

Coloured A4 Seed Paper, Mixed Flowers

Although we don’t carry coloured seed paper as standard stock we can certainly provide it in the colours shown on the right opposite.  Minimum order for this paper is 100 A4 sheets.  The paper is very thick and “bobbly” and so can’t be printed on.  Please email us with your requirements.

Same planting instructions as per the other papers.


 Ordering seed paper

We have a website dedicated to paper – Wildflower Papers.  Please visit and order any seed paper you are interested in from there (please note that we do not offer discount on seed paper). Please also email if you would like further info on our papers.