Bring Christmas into your office or workplace! This seed packet advent calendar is a great way to get all Christmasssy at work. It contains 25 recycled seed packets and festive string and pegs for hanging the packets from. And there is a surprise in every packet! You won’t know what seeds are in there until the packet is opened – perfect for different employees to open a packet each day and take the seeds home to grow, or sow them in the grounds around your workplace.

Each seed packet will have the seeds inside in a paper sachet, along with the seed name and instructions on how to grow. The seeds will be fine if stored somewhere cool and dry and out of direct sunlight until ready to plant in the spring.

As a little taster of the seeds to expect, we can reveal that basil, spinach and wildflowers are amongst them! Most packets will have a different seed variety. If they are wildflower seeds, these will be of British species, grown in the UK. Even better, the whole thing is plastic-free, wahoo!

A fab idea, so different from the usual advent calendars on the market. Spread some Christmas cheer in your workplace!